1. No Separate or Split Checks in groups of 8 or more.
  2. 18% Gratuity will be applied automatically to groups of 8 or more. Even if some guests are not eating or drinking in your party, this policy will be applied.
  3. Book your reservation only for the realistic number of guests that may be joining your party. We reserve de right to charge a cover fee for any unused table spaces.  
  4. If you don't show up at the scheduled time of your reservation, we will only hold it for 15 minutes after the schedule time. 
  5. Provide a valid phone number, as you will be contacted to confirm the reservation. Reservations not confirmed will not be honored or upheld.
  6. Table for your party will be setup or accommodated in whatever area of the restaurant is available, and we cannot promise any specific section of the establishment for your reservation.
  7. None of our installations are intended to be utilized or rented for private events (including the Backroom and the Bar). If your group is placed in any of these sections or any other areas of the restaurant, based on the size of your group, the size of any other groups located in the same section and the capacity of our premises, we may accommodate additional parties or reservations. You will not have any privacy rights or exclusivity over our premises. 
  8. No external sources of music or video, such as audio or video equipment or live performers are allowed within our premises, except for those instances in which a written notice of approval has been issued by the restaurant management. 
  9. You are not allowed to place any type of decorations over our walls. Some types of table decorations may be allowed (no confetti,paper streamers or sticky items allowed at any time) only under prior written approval from management at the time the reservation is booked.
  10. You might be allowed to bring your own birthday cake, however, we have limited capacity to store it. (No Ice Cream Cakes of any type will be stored). We will not be responsible or liable for any damage to your cake or the loss of it.
  11. A reasonable amount of time between each reservation is calculated, however, under rare circumstances some reservations will overlap and your reservation may be delayed a few minutes. 
  12. Reservations for groups of 20 or more have to be booked either online or onsite. Requests for reservations made online will have to await the confirmation via phone or email by a La Piñata live agent.
  13. All other rules and policies of the restaurant will apply to your reservation.

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